I’m Gemma, a mother of two but soon to be three.  I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons but mainly to share my experience of our family moving from four to five.  We always knew we wanted three children, but I know it’s still going be a completely crazy transition and I really want the opportunity to document it all, in the little spare time I might have!

I live with my Husband, Rob, and our two gorgeous little boys, Sebastian (aged 4.5) and Soren (aged 2.5)…. the half is very important.  We live in a little part of North West England right by the sea, in an old Victorian house (you’ll see why I am mentioning this in a minute).

In my spare time you can normally find me either shopping online for clothes (basically I am a total shopaholic), or planning home improvements.  I love our home and its gorgeous features but I seem to be experiencing the 7 year itch and we are decorating each room one by one (with only two to go!), I am doing them exactly how I want them to be, so that’s been pretty exciting.  I’ll be using this blog to document home purchases, improvements etc… as there’s been a lot of them.

I work part time, 2 days a week, and I love it.  Although right now I am on maternity leave waiting for baby number three.  I work with my Husband, which I actually love, we get to travel to work together and spend a rare 2 hours a day enjoying each other’s conversation with no children arguing in the back of the car.  I love the balance I have between work and motherhood and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Enjoy my blog!